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Conference Programme 3rd International Conference & Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites Session A: Automotive I Design and Engineering of Structural Applications Based on Thermoplastic Composites Coupled Heating-Forming Simulation of the Thermoforming of Thermoplastic Composites QSP®: How to Produce a Netshape Thermoplastic Composite Part in One Minute Automotive Crashbeam from UD Tapes by Tailored Blanks Production and its Optimisation InfluenceoftheCathodicDipPaintingProcessontheMechanical Properties of Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites Session D: Automotive II Structural Joining of a Steel Insert with a Thermoplastic Organic Sheet VCSEL-Assisted Tape Placement Technology Individualised Production of Thermoplastic Composite Parts – Combining Additive Manufacturing and Thermoforming A New Generation of Aesthetic Composites Based on Styrenic Polymers New Reactive Resins for Thermoplastic RTM & Pultrusion 11 October 2016 12 October 2016 Keynote Automotive: Fibre Reinforced Polymers – the Next Generation of Lightweight Materials in the Automotive Industry – Potentials & Requirements Keynote Aerospace: Airbus Research & Technology – New Horizons Session E: Aerospace II Lightweight Thermoplastic Composite Fuel Tanks for Space Applications Joining of Light Metals to Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites by Power Ultrasonics for the Application in HybridAircraÞStructures ModifiedThermoplasticFoamCoresforStructural Thermoplastic Composite (TPC) Sandwich Structures Hybrid Laminates; Tuning Organosheet Properties Additive Manufacturing of Aerospace Composite Structures SessionC:Eco-EfficientProcessesandApplications Recycling of Thermoplastic CFRP with Electrodynamic Fragmentation RecyCarb: Process Optimisation and On-Line Monitoring in the Recycling of Carbon Fibre Waste for the Re-Use in High- Grade Fibre-Reinforced Plastics A Technique for the NDT Inspection and Reparation of a Continuous ManufacturingProcessfortheOffshoreOilandGasIndustry WindBladesUsingCost-EffectiveAdvancedLightweightDesign Resource-EfficientProductionofLarge-ScaleLightweightStructures The detailed programme including the Poster Session is available online. Register now for this unique conference on ! Session B: Aerospace I Overmoulding – An Integrated Design Approach for Dimensional Accuracy and Strength of Structural Parts EfficientLaserCuttingofHigh-Performance Thermoplastic Composites Hybrid Textiles – The Novel Way of Forming High-Perform ance Thermoplastic Composites for Primary Structure Sequentially Coupled Material Flow and Multi-Scale Stress Analysis of Discontinous Long-Fiber Composite Helicopter Fairing Rib In-Situ Strain Monitoring-Based Simulation of Residual Stress / StrainDuetoSkin-CoreEffectinThickCF/PPSLaminates Design: Büro 7, Bremen, Germany

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