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COLUMNS 4 From the Editor CW editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan imagines one potential outcome of the Internet of Things: inline composite part inspection. 6 Past, Present and Future Lucintel's Sanjay Mazumdar tells us that the data — and necessity — point to CFRP success in the automotive market. 10 Perspectives & Provocations IACMI's Dale Brosius says progress toward intelligent lightweighting means moving past the "not invented here" mindset. 12 Design & Testing FAA's David Westlund reviews the place of structural composites in this US aviation safety watchdog's overall mission. 16 Gardner Business Index Gardner Business Media's Steve Kline, Jr., reports the GBI Composites Index for the month of June 2016. » DEPARTMENTS 18 Trends 38 Calendar 39 Applications 41 New Products 42 Marketplace 43 Ad Index 43 Showcase » ON THE COVER In 2015, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL, Pasadena, CA, US) launched the Soil Moisture Active/Passive (SMAP) mission to measure ocean salinity and soil moisture from low-Earth orbit (LEO). SMAP's single spacecraft features a 6m mesh reflector dish made of a collapsible circular compos- ite that permitted launch into LEO, then deployment to full size for operation. Read more about the reflector's design on p. 44. Source / Northrop Grumman FOCUS ON DESIGN 44 Precision Design for Deployable Space Structures Enabling SMAP mission success, unprecedented design requirements were deftly managed using composites in the largest unfurling and rotating reflector to date. By Ginger Gardiner CompositesWorld (ISSN 2376-5232) is published monthly and copyright © 2016 by Gardner Business Media Inc. 6915 Valley Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45244- 3029. Telephone: (513) 527-8800. Printed in U.S.A. Periodicals postage paid at Cincinnati, OH and additional mailing offices. All rights reserved. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to CompositesWorld Magazine, 6915 MEMBERSHIPS: Valley Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45244-3029. If undeliverable, send Form 3579. CANADA POST: Canada Returns to be sent to IMEX Global Solutions, PO Box 25542, London, ON N6C 6B2 Canada. Publications Mail Agreement #40612608. The information presented in this edition of CompositesWorld is believed to be accurate. In applying recommendations, however, you should exercise care and normal precautions to prevent personal injury and damage to facilities or products. In no case can the authors or the publisher accept responsibility for personal injury or damages which may occur in working with methods and/or materials presented herein, nor can the publisher assume responsibility for the validity of claims or performance of items appearing in editorial presentations or advertisements in this publication. Contact information is provided to enable interested parties to conduct further inquiry into specific products or services. FE ATURES 26 Fine-tuning Fiberglass: Smart Fiber Sizing In the composites industry, fiber is a significant topic of conversation. Fiber sizing rarely gets a mention. It is difficult, however, to overstate sizing's importance. Without it, the fiber could quickly begin to fray during handling and processing, and would resist bonding with the matrix resin. In addition, sizing is credited with improving mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and resistance to impact, fatigue and chemicals, and promoting thermal stability and hydrolytic stability and more. CW offers some insights into those proprietary chemistries that can customize performance at the fiber/resin interface. By Donna Dawson 32 Inside Manufacturing: Converting the structural chassis to composites As one of Germany's largest composite leaf springs manufacturers, IFA Composite has produced more than 1.3 million composite leaf springs to date, with a Six Sigma quality measure of zero defects per million parts. More recently, sister firm IFA Technology developed and built the world's first carbon fiber-rein- forced plastic (CFRP) stabilizer bars in a production car, for the Volkswagen AG (Wolfsburg, Germany) XL1. The success of this metal-to-composite conversion has created a fourth strategic business for IFA Composite. CW has the story here. By Ginger Gardiner 32 26 18 39 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS AUGUST 2016 / Vol: 2 N o – : 8

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