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TRENDS AUTOMOTIVE AUGUST 2016 22 CompositesWorld KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH (Munich, Germany) reports that it will introduce this fall its T-RTM thermoplastic resin transfer molding process, which will produce near-net shape fiber-reinforced polyamide 6 parts under high-rate series production conditions, based on the inherent advan- tages of in-mold polymerization of caprolactam. At the K 2016 exhibition, in Düsseldorf, Germany, KraussMaffei will use a T-RTM system to demonstrate production of a thermoplastic composite frame for the roof shell of the Roding Roadster R1 sports car (Roding Automobile GmbH, Roding, Germany). A structural compo- nent with metallic inlays, the frame will be molded under series-production conditions in the KraussMaffei exhibition stand several times a day. The T-RTM process uses a closed press mold and a continuous fiber preform. KraussMaffei notes that it will use a "multi-preform" concept that minimizes fiber waste and enables a tailored fiber architecture. But rather than inject- ing relatively high-viscosity polyamide 6 resin into the mold cavity, the monomer caprolactam, from which PA6 is made, will be injected, and will be mixed at injection with an Thermoplastic RTM comes to market via in-mold polymerization A N N I V E R S A R Y 0 2 HPC Charter Advertiser

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