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Page 14 of 51 13 TRENDS CW: You eventually wound up, in the 1980s, at BASF, where you were first exposed to carbon fiber, selling a product called Celion. What kind of work did you do there? TL: Celion referred to a name Celanese had given to a [carbon fiber] technology licensed from Toho Rayon in Japan. So, BASF had bought that business from Celanese. .... I was sell- ing that material for a black-classified [Department of Defense] program. .... Later, it became known as the B-2 stealth bomber. .... I was supplying carbon fibers, I believe it was 6K and 12K fibers, to people who would either weave it into fabrics or make unidirec- tional tape, and they would ask me vari- ous technical questions. CW: In 1992, BASF surprised a lot of people when it decided to sell its carbon fiber business to Toho Rayon. Walk me through that. TL: It was quite a shock, but I remem- ber the date, which was March 10, 1992 ... and [our president] called a special meeting for all of us to come before the Anaheim SAMPE conference, and of course we went in very cocky. We were expecting an announcement about another potential acquisition, since BASF was such an industry leader. .... To our surprise, [president] Dave Forrest came in and announced that both our carbon fiber and our prepreg business units would be put up for sale. We were just shocked, but at that point the announcement had come out that the B-2 bomber was limited to just 20 aircraft, instead of 150 aircraft, and I think perhaps in Germany [BASF head- quarters], they just felt there was not enough of a market to keep the opera- tion in the US going. CW: When you look at the industry today, what are your impressions? TL: It's a very exciting time for composites. I was excited to see the number of younger people attending the recent 2018 SAMPE conference in Long Beach. They bring a vitality, a creativity that our industry really needs. It's refreshing to see them applying new thinking and new technologies. I think you couldn't ask for a better time now to be in composites, given what we are facing today. BIZ BRIEF The Bell Boeing Joint Program Office (Amarillo, TX, US) announced July 2 it has been awarded US$4.2 billion for modification of a previously awarded V-22 tiltrotor aircraft advance acquisition contract to a fixed-price, incentive-fee, multi-year contract. This contract provides for the manufacture and delivery of 39 CMV-22B aircraft for the US Navy; 14 MV-22B aircraft for the US Marine Corps; one CV-22B for the US Air Force; and four MV-22B aircraft for the government of Japan. The US Navy will use its new CMV-22B for transporting personnel and cargo from shore to aircraft carriers, eventually replacing the C-2 Greyhound, which has been in service since the mid-1960s. W T F yoming est ixtures INC. 2960 E. Millcreek Canyon Road Salt Lake City, UT 84109 Phone (801) 484.5055 Fax (801) 484.6008 email: Dr. Donald F. Adams President 50 years of Composite Testing Experience • Over 40 types of fixtures in stock, ready to be shipped. • Expert consultation with Dr. Adams • Email or call today to discuss your fixture and custom design needs. WHEN YOU NEED IT FAST...WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED! Laminate Bearing Test ASTM D 5961 Proc. A In Stock We carry over 40 types of fixtures in stock and available for immediate delivery, including the 5 models of the Laminate Bearing Fixture shown above. Ask about our next day delivery options on orders received by 1pm MST. Laminate Bearing Test ASTM D 5961 Proc. C In Stock Laminate Bearing Test ASTM D 5961 Proc. B In Stock Laminate Bearing Test SACMA Version In Stock Laminate Bearing Test ASTM D 953 In Stock

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