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PUBLISHER Ryan Delahanty EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jeff Sloan MANAGING EDITOR Mike Musselman SENIOR EDITOR Sara Black SENIOR EDITOR Ginger Gardiner DIGITAL EDITOR Scott Francis director, strategic initiatives Scott Stephenson and events ADVERTISING PRODUCTION MANAGER Becky Taggert GRAPHIC DESIGNER Susan Kraus MARKETING MANAGER Kimberly A. Hoodin CW SALES GROUP MIDWESTERN US & INTERNATIONAL Ryan Mahoney / regional manager EASTERN US SALES OFFICE Barbara Businger / regional manager MOUNTAIN, SOUTHWEST & Michael Schwartz / regional manager WESTERN US SALES OFFICE EUROPEAN SALES OFFICE Eddie Kania / european sales mgr. HEADQUARTERS 6915 Valley Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45244-3029 Phone 513-527-8800 Fax 513-527-8801 COMPOSITESWORLD IS A PROPERTY OF chairman and ceo Rick Kline president Rick Kline, Jr . chief data officer Steve Kline, Jr. chief financial officer Ernest Brubaker chief marketing officer Melissa Kline Skavlem chief technology officer Phil Louis audience development manager Julie Ball advertising and production director William Caldwell custom content director Tom Beard creative director Jeff Norgord editorial operations director Kate Hand strategic engagement director Dave Necessary GARDNER BUSINESS MEDIA ALSO PUBLISHES @CompositesWrld CW CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Dale Brosius Donna Dawso n Michael LeGault Peggy Malnati Karen Mason Modern Machine Shop Moldmaking Technology Plastics Technology Automotive Design & Production Production Machining Products Finishing PF Mexico Additive Manufacturing 2 AUGUST 2018 CompositesWorld EnableX™, from Norplex-Micarta, allows conƟnuous fiber pre-preg to be co-cured in a single step, mulƟ-material, molding system to produce near net shapes. Building upon the predictability of conƟnuous fiber reinforced pre-preg, EnableX™ materials are: • Specifically designed for compression molding • Tested to ensure compaƟbility • Supported by our team of applicaƟon engineers, backed with our in-house laboratory and material development capabiliƟes 563-864-7328 Learn more about EnableX™ Visit Norplex-Micarta at SPE & ACCE Conference & Expo Novi, MI SEPT 5 - 7, 2018 YOUR PARTNER IN... COMPOSITE CURING OVENS B a t c h O v e n s • C o n v e y o r O v e n s • D r u m H e a t e r s Questions? We'd be happy to help and welcome the opportunity to do business together! So give our Engineers a call at 419.502.2780 or email us at Visit us online:

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