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NEWS 23 Filament Winding Ariane 6 W T F yoming est ixtures INC. 2960 E. Millcreek Canyon Road Salt Lake City, UT 84109 Phone (801) 484.5055 Fax (801) 484.6008 email: Dr. Donald F. Adams President 50 years of Composite Testing Experience • Over 40 types of fixtures in stock, ready to be shipped. • Expert consultation with Dr. Adams • Email or call today to discuss your fixture and custom design needs. WHEN YOU NEED IT FAST...WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED! Laminate Bearing Test ASTM D 5961 Proc. A In Stock We carry over 40 types of fixtures in stock and available for immediate delivery, including the 5 models of the Laminate Bearing Fixture shown above. Ask about our next day delivery options on orders received by 1pm MST. Laminate Bearing Test ASTM D 5961 Proc. C In Stock Laminate Bearing Test ASTM D 5961 Proc. B In Stock Laminate Bearing Test SACMA Version In Stock Laminate Bearing Test ASTM D 953 In Stock also will have a marked impact on the Ariane 6 system's overall cost of operation: The expenses per load-ton are expected to plummet by as much as 50%. Avio and Roth reportedly have put to good use their common experi- ence from former projects related to manufacturing Ariane 5 and Vega rockets. Accordingly, the new fila- ment winding center has a maximum length of 17m, a large working diameter (3.6m), and is capable of supporting a wind- ing mandrel that weighs approximately 120 MT. The system is equipped with three carriages that support three different winding processes; each carriage has a length of 7.4m and can move up to 90 m/min. The first carriage is used for wind- ing heat protection tape onto the mandrel in mold-less composite construction (first layer inside the booster). After the vulcanization of the tape, the towpreg winding process is effected by using the second carriage. The third carriage is equipped with a fiber delivery head for automated tape laying (ATL) — a feature for which Avio is seeking patent protection. This technology enables precise laydown of tape in complex geometrical shapes for the attachment parts of the boosters. Tapes are cut and trimmed by means of an ultrasonic cutting head. The ATL technology was developed by Avio together with Roth and another part- ner based in Italy. Ariane 6 boosters are 15m long with a diameter of up to 3.6m. Depending on payload size and weight, two or four boosters per rocket, filled with solid fuel, will ensure sufficient boost for the first flight phase. Manfred Roth, president of the family-owned company, Roth Industries, to which Roth Composite Machinery belongs, says of the company's latest move, "In the composites sector, we belong to the world market leaders." BIZ BRIEF Spirit AeroSystems (Wichita, KS, US) announced on July 17 its intention to establish a new research and development complex at its manufacturing site in Prestwick, Scotland. Efforts will focus on infusion processes for composites materials, part handling, assembly automation, rapid prototyping and virtual/augmented reality. The site manufactures metallic and composite wing components, such as the leading- and trailing-edges and spoilers for the Airbus (Toulouse, France) A320 commercial passenger aircraft family. The new center will include a training area and is expected to grow the site's existing research and development footprint from approximately 8,000 ft 2 to 70,000 ft 2 . Construction reportedly will begin later this year, and the company hopes to open the facility in 2019.

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