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4th International Conference & Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites Conference Programme 30 – 31 October 2018 Keynote Automotive: The Current Situation and Issues of Thermoplastic Composite Use for Car Body Keynote Aerostructures: Thermoplastic Composites & Airplane Production Keynote Emerging Technologies: Developments in the Composites Industry: New Markets and Emerging Technologies Session: Automotive I Model-predictive Control for the Automated Production of Thermoplastic Composite Pressure Vessels Manufacturing of Load Optimized Structural Parts from Thermoplastic Tapes with Focus on Flexibility and Efficiency Temperature-dependent Failure Analysis of Fibre-reinforced Thermoplastics for Automotive Applications Thermoplastic Profiles as Part of the Thermoplastic Composite Toolbox by SGL Group Process Oriented Optimization Methodology for Tailored Preform Composite Molding Session: Automotive II Continuous Production of Thermoplastic Sandwich Structures and their Functionalization via Hybrid Injection Molding Technology Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites for E-mobility: A novel Approach for a One-shot Process Route Including a Holistic Virtual Design In-line Process Monitoring of Series Production of Endless Fiber Reinforced Components A Scalable Process for Making Hybrid Bicomponent Fibers for the Efficient Manufacturing of Thermoplastic Composites SAFEMIUM: Multifunctional Security Parts for Premium Vehicles Session: Aerostructures II Manufacture and Characterization of a Variable Stiffness, Unitized, Integrated-stiffener Thermoplastic Wingbox A New Generation of Thermoplastic Lining Panels for Aerospace Application Processing of Thermoplastic Composites; Developments & Future Challenges Suitable Coupon Design for Assessment of Interface Strength in Overmoulded Structures Made from Fibre Reinforced High-Performance Thermoplastics Trends, Development and Qualification of the Thermoplastic Induction Welding Process in Aerospace Applications Session: Aerostructures I Rapid Manufacturing of a Tailored Spar by AFP and Stamp Forming Creep of Discontinuous Long Fiber C/PEEK Above Tg A Roadmap for Developing an Industrial Continuous Ultrasonic Welding Process for Thermoplastic Composites Quality Assured Stiffened Skin Production Relying on Fully- automated Patch-preforming and Oven Vacuum Consolidation Injection Forming of Gears on High-performance CF-PAEK Drive ShaÞs The detailed programme including the Poster Session and the Panel Discussion is available online. Register now for this unique conference on ! Session: Emerging Technologies II Industrialised and Digital Manufacturing of Thermoplastic Composites Joining of Multi-material Assemblies by the MultiMaterial-Welding Technology – Development of an Online Process Monitoring System In-process and In-situ Monitoring of Process Parameter in Fusion Bonding of Thermoplastic Composites RecyCarb: Process Scale-up into Industrial Viable Scale for the Re-use of Carbon Fibre Waste in Sophisticated Fibre-reinforced Plastics. Recycling Thermoplastic Composites Using Low-shear Mixing: an Experimental Study on Complex Geometries Session: Emerging Technologies I In Situ-polymerizing Thermoplastic Epoxy Resin Widely Applicable to Various Molding Processes for Thermoplastic Composites Organomodified Siloxanes – An Additive Technology as Enabler to Establish Novel and Improve Existing Processing Technologies of Thermoplastics Composites Additive Manufacturing of Endless Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Optimizing the Thermoplastic Welding Properties in an FRPC Additive Manufacturing Process Manufacturing of Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics via Automated Powder-towpreg Placement and Direct-impregnation Design: Büro 7, Bremen, Germany

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