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SEPTEMBER 2018 60 CompositesWorld FEATURE / Welding Thermoplastic Composites been advanced significantly by Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH, Hannover, Germany). In this process, laser light is first passed through a part that is transparent or partially transparent in the near infrared spectral range (e.g., an unreinforced thermoplastic or glass fiber TPC). e light is then absorbed by carbon fiber or conductive additives in a second adjacent part, transforming the laser energy into heat, which creates the weld between the two materials. Offringa at GKN Fokker points out that many injection molded aircraft brackets are laser transparent. He sees great potential for using laser welding to achieve assembly of these brackets to CFRP fuselage structures without holes, dust or fasteners. ough both reinforcement type and laminate thickness affect the weld, LZH has demonstrated good results with glass fiber and carbon fiber-rein- forced PPS and polyetherimide (PEI) laminates in the Laser Trans- mission Welding of ermoplastic Composite Structures project (LaWoCS, 2010-2013), which also included KVE, TenCate Advanced Composites (Nijverdal, e Netherlands), Unitech Aerospace (Yeovil, UK) and Element Materials Technology (Hitchin, UK). LZH has patented this technology and was a 2018 JEC World Innovation Award finalist in the aerospace applications category for "Modular FIG. 6 Sequential ultrasonic spot welding Lab-scale sequential ultrasonic spot welding was used to attach CF/ PEEK hinges and CF/PEKK clips to CF/PEEK C-frames in the Clean Sky Eco-Design demonstrator. Source | CW / Photo | Ginger Gardiner CF/PEEK hinge CF/PEEK C-frame CF/PEKK clip Your Performance- made by Roth Roth Composite Machinery 1 General Motors Drive . Syracuse, New York 13206 Joe Jansen - National Sales Manager . Phone +1 715 680 8008 . . WORLD CLASS Composite Machinery • 50 years experience • 30 years automation successfully implemented in large-scale production operations • Standards setting by customers solutions FILAMENT WINDING PREPREG

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