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SEPTEMBER 2018 68 CompositesWorld INSIDE MANUFACTURING surface area allowable under the I-14 class rules, to reduce both the laminate's area and its weight. e hull and deck are laid up at the Henderson boatworks into open, female molds that are built using a general- purpose polyester resin with fiberglass chopped strand mat. ey are pulled from plugs made with plywood and strip planked skins glued over CNC-cut plywood frames. Hull and deck manu- facture proceeds through the steps defined on pp. 64-65, followed by instal- lation of the mast and rigging. Bieker thinks the B6 molds would also work well for resin infusion, but says he hesitates to infuse something so light. "e skins are so thin — typi- cally the outside skin is on the order of 400g of material, and significant areas of the inside skin only about 200 g/m 2 — in other words, some 6 oz of cloth," he explains, adding that the core set for reliable resin infusion can be pretty heavy for such a lightweight layup. Mast, bowsprit and rack For the critical mast, bow sprit and rack tubing, however, the B6 design moves back up out of the vacuum bag into more advanced methods and higher-strength materials. Built to Bieker's specifications, the parts are table-rolled from prepreg by Innovative Composite Engineering (ICE, White Salmon, WA, US). Known for its work in aerospace as well as recre- ation, ICE has specialized in this arena since 1990. All of its production equip- ment is designed and built in-house. "We can table roll tubing up to 26 inches in diameter and 22 ft in length [660 mm by 6.7m] at this time," says ICE president and CEO Steve Maier. e B6 mast is a high-modulus prepreg carbon tube 7.7m long, with an outside diameter (OD) that tapers from 74 mm at its root to 42 mm it its tip. e prepreg features HR40 carbon fiber, sourced from Mitsubishi Chemical Carbon Fiber and Composites (Irvine, CA, US). Of the variety of carbon fibers that could be used to increase efficiency in response to changes in the wind, Engineering Services Complex Shapes 5 Axis NC Milling Large Facilities High-Precision Equipment CARBON/EPOXY PARTS 360.856.5143 PRODUCTION TOOLING PARTS WITH CORE

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