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SEPTEMBER 2018 74 CompositesWorld INSIDE MANUFACTURING FIG. 4 Lightweight rigging Standing rigging on the Bieker6 consists of a pultruded carbon rod joined with tubular braided Dyneema. Photo shows (above) shrink-wrapped tube over braid/rod before processing and (below) finished standing rigging line with shrink wrap cured over braid/rod part and installed eye. FIG. 5 Table-rolled prepreg mast tubing ICE has specialized in table rolling of prepregs since 1990, and can table roll tubing 26 inches/660 mm in diameter and 22 ft/6.7m long. Source | ICE designed by people who have never built anything in composites. ey don't really have a sense when they are designing something that it may be difficult to build or has details that may be difficult to execute." Further, he points out, "ere seems to be a lot of gap between the way the design looks in the FEA program and the actual reality of laminating the part and assembling it." Officially recognized in 1928, the International 14, says Bieker, is the oldest international small-boat racing class. "Over the years, the boats have evolved as the design and building technologies have evolved." As they've become lighter, faster and more easily maneuverable, what they haven't become is out of reach of the mainstream boatbuilding community. "e current boats are

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