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OCTOBER 2018 24 CompositesWorld Surface finishing, high-pressure metering systems Hennecke Inc. (Lawrence, PA, USA) is featuring developments in polyurethane composite fabrication technology, including products made with its COLOURLINE surface finishing and STREAMLINE high- pressure metering machine systems. Visitors to the Hennecke booth also can learn about the Rim Coating Technology Center (RCTC), the first demonstration, development, validation and pilot production facility for RIM coating technology in North America. Co-founded in Livonia, MI, US, by Hennecke, Votteler and SA Engineering as a Ruhl Strategic Partners initiative, the RCTC helps OEMs and tier suppliers develop and test coating technologies and commercialize direct-from- mold Class A parts. Hennecke's COLOURLINE system is installed at the RCTC, where manufacturers can observe product quality and performance improve- ment potential by applying advanced polyurethane RIM coating chem- istry directly in an injection mold. The COLOURLINE, says Hennecke, enables fast and easy color changes for high-quality, scratch-resistant surface finishing of parts. The COLOURLINE is installed as a stationary isocyanate unit on an injection molding machine. Working with the COLOURLINE system is the MULTI-CONNECT color module, which has its own heater and MN 8 MC mixhead and is designed as a compact, mobile station that blends and tempers the different color systems. The MULTI-CONNECT parking station can provide up to seven colors simultaneously, with each color circulating in its own system so that colors do not co-mingle during color changes. Hennecke's STREAMLINE high-pressure metering systems can be equipped with everything necessary to produce fiber composite components by means of the high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) process. The three-component STREAMLINE metering machine can process all current matrix systems for composite compo- nents, including polyurethane, epoxy or reactive polyamide 6 raw materials. Booth T21. Closed-loop, modular tow-tension control units Montalvo (Gorham, ME, US) is introducing the first prototype units of its closed-loop, modular, individual tow-tension control units, sponsored by a National Science Foundation SBIR Phase II Grant. Montalvo is showcasing how this new technology integrates within existing processes to add a new precise, continuous, automated tension control zone, said to deliver higher quality and productivity to composites manufacturing processes that use individual tows of material. In addition, the company's Modular Tensioning Cartridge (MTC) is said to advance the manufacturing capabilities of producers and users of composite materials. Montalvo is also highlighting its tension controllers, load cells, sensors, amplifiers, brakes, clutches and other tension control equipment used in prepreg, pultrusion, filament winding and converting composite applications. These products are said to reduce reliance on operators and manual control while improving productivity. The company's MTC technology and tension control components will be on display in a demo simula- tion from creel rack to rewind, to show visitors how tension control integrates throughout an entire process. Booth BB19. Epoxy resin systems for wind, oil and gas, pressure vessels and more Epoxy manufacturer Olin Corp. (Clayton, MO, US) is unveiling several new technologies for composite applications, which will be shown in finished products on display in Olin's booth (S13). Olin's latest products are available as well, including LITESTONE systems for composites and Wind Energy Systems from AIRSTONE. Finished products in the booth include: • Composite pressure vessel: Epoxy systems designed to help meet the increasing demands for lightweight composite vessels used as alternative energy storage systems for virtual pipeline and transpor- tation applications • Frac plug: Glass fiber-reinforced composite frac plugs for demanding fracking applications • Composite rigid pipe: High-temperature and corrosion-resistant industrial pipes • Composite leaf spring: Lightweight, fatigue-resistant composites for automotive suspension • Composite rebar: Corrosion-resistant, lightweight, long service life fiber-reinforced composite rebar for demanding infrastructure applications SHOW PREVIEW

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