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39 Composites R&D for infrastructure applications The NSF Center for Integration of Composites into Infrastructure (CICI, Morgantown, WV, US) is emphasizing its advanced fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites and techniques for rapid repair, upgrading, rehabilitation or replacement of highway, railway, waterway, bridge, building, pipeline and other struc- tures. The center consists of West Virginia University as lead institution, North Carolina State University, University of Miami and the University of Texas at Arlington as partner university sites. The center also has two inter- national sites, Nanjing Tech University of China and the Center for Engineering and Industrial Development of Mexico. The primary objective of the Center is to accelerate the adoption of polymer composites and innovative construc- tion materials into infrastructure applications through collaborative research between member universities in collaboration with the composites and construction industries. Booth D46. PPE safety hoods designed for composites fabrication VitaFlex USA is featuring its Safety Ninja hoods, made from PPE and said to provide effective primary head protection for workers in composite molding, fiberglass layup and spray coating environments. Made of latex-free elastic nonwovens, the hood securely covers the entire head, face and neck. The soft form-fit creates an effective isolation layer next to the skin. Its dense, multilayer composite structure blocks micron-sized particles, glass fibers and paint or coating overspray. The ultra-fine intertexture gaps between fibers enable body heat and perspiration moisture to escape, keeping the head cool during extended wear. The hoods are said to improve safety, comfort and job effi- ciency for workers. Limited quantities of free samples are available to visitors. Booth N105. Pultrusion system with servomotor pull control Kent Automation (Kent, OH, US) is featuring its line of pultrusion systems that feature the ServoPul system. ServoPul offers completely non-hydraulic servomotor and drive technology to control pulling and clamping forces during pultrusion, and to register monitored feedback to the operating system. Kent notes that, with servomotors, challenges common with standard hydraulic systems are eliminated; further, pulling and clamping forces are said to be more precisely controlled using a servo/ball screw combination with zero backlash. Other features of Kent pultruders include touchscreen control, side or top die location, safety interlocks, flying cut-off saws and more. Booth U52. Building our future...together! 815-987-6000 | AUTOMATED FIBER PLACEMENT MACHINES LEADING THE PRODUCTIVITY CHALLENGE CAMX 2018

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