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OCTOBER 2018 40 CompositesWorld Infrared emitters, pulsed heat technologies Heraeus Noblelight America LLC (Buford, GA, US) is demonstrating new technologies from its Infrared Process group and it Arc & Flash group. The Infrared Process group is presenting Black.infrared emitters, printed metallic filaments located between high-purity quartz glass. The lower plate is made of special HBQ quartz glass; the top is protected by a layer of QRC (quartz reflective coating). The filaments can be adapted to customer requirements. The infrared radiation is emitted at the highly emissive HBQ side. The entire structure helps to direct infrared radiation homogeneously to the product to achieve a particularly efficient heat process for composites curing applications. Along with Black.infrared, the Infrared Process group is exhibiting Carbon Infrared Emitters and shortwave emitters. Carbon Infrared Emitters provide high heating efficiency and rapid cool down, providing response times comparable to shortwave lamps. The shortwave emitters are said to be particularly well-suited for processes that require quick start-up and shut-off. The Arc & Flash group is featuring its Humm3 technology for heating during automated fiber placement (AFP). It offers a pulsed light solution, designed to deliver uniform, highly controllable heat to the nip point area, over a range of temperatures. Humm3 controls the heat profile using three programmable pulse parameters (energy, duration and frequency). In testing with Hexcel's HiTape dry fiber product, Heraeus Noblelight says Humm3 achieved layup speeds of more than 1 m/s. Booth CC32. Vacuum pumps for RTM, autoclaves Republic Manufacturing (Dallas, TX, US) is exhibiting its line of vacuum pumps for composite manufacturing operations, including autoclaves, automation equipment, resin transfer molding and more. The Republic RX-Series oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps are a drop-in solution for vacuum needs. Air-cooled and direct-driven for continuous operation, they provide an airflow range up to 445 CFM and vacuum of 0.5 Torr. For a more energy efficient and low maintenance solution, Republic offers the RCV-Series rotary claw vacuum pumps, which reach a maximum continuous vacuum of 24 inches HgV. These pumps are dry-running, positive displacement pumps suited for oil-free applications. They use high-precision machined claws that rotate in synchronization without contact to create compression without wear. Republic also offers central systems in standard and custom configurations to provide a centralized source of vacuum. Booth CC23. High-performance thermoplastic yarns and fabrics Inman Mills (Inman, SC, US) is introducing its Texim thermoplastic yarns and fabrics, which feature a sheath of polymer fibers covering a reinforcing fiber core. Polymer fibers for the sheath may be from polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, nylon, polycarbonate, poly- etherimide, polyphenylene sulfide or almost any thermoplastic fiber that SHOW PREVIEW

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