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41 Resin transfer molding fabrication services Fiber Dynamics Inc. (Wichita, KS, US) is featuring its design and fabrication services for the manufacture of simple to complex out-of-autoclave composites using the company's resin transfer molding (RTM) and lost core RTM processes. Fiber Dynamics is also prepared to discuss its one-shot integrated structure solutions, which is said to offer customers increased performance at a lower potential total cost to the customer. Fiber Dynamics is executing an expansion project that will double its facility size from 35,000 ft 2 to 70,000 ft 2 in 2019. Booth Y56. can be extruded into a fine staple fiber. The ratio of sheath thermoplastic polymer fibers to the core reinforcing fibers can be adjusted, depending on consolidation and reinforce- ment requirements. Inman's differentiating technology combines the reinforcing fiber core and the thermoplastic polymer in one process at the yarn level, prior to the fabric being woven. Unlike a film or a co-woven, says Inman, the resulting product allows for improved consolidation as the polymer fibers surround the reinforcing fibers and reduce the possibility of voids in the final composite. Booth J49. Automated ply handling system for cutting, kitting, layup ARM Automation Inc. (Austin, TX, US) is featuring the Ply Picker, a fully automated solution for cutting table clearing, ply inspec- tion, kitting and ply layup. The Ply-Picker system, says ARM Automation, addresses the need for picking of complex cut fabric shapes for part inspection, kitting and automatic layup of preform stacks, while addressing the challenges associated with cut-ply picking and handling, such as complex/varied shapes, uncut fibers and ply distortion. This patent- pending solution identifies uncut fibers and stuck materials prior to lifting them from the nest. Ply shapes and surfaces reportedly are presented in an undistorted manner for high-resolution inspection and in-situ FOD detection. These plies can be placed into kits or directly laminated into preform stacks, with automated removal of backer material and post-layup inspection. The Ply-Picker system can be adapted to cover a range of shapes and sizes, including those smaller than a thumbnail to others as large as the cutting table itself. The robotic workcell solution derives pick informa- tion directly from ply shape data and dynamic nest location information to locate ply shapes and deliver them to kit locations. Lower volume operations may require a single robot stacking plies onto open kit tables at rates of only a few plies per minute. More intensive applications can use multiple pick heads simultaneously, tending one or more conveyorized tables and delivering pieces to automated kit carts or layup stations. Booth F34. Today's SMC challenges require the utmost Compression Molding Expertise. Greenerd has the engineered application solutions you need to succeed. Pressing for the best solution A m e r i c a n M a d e SM C R E Q U I R E S C M E • Automotive • Aerospace • Medical • Marine • Industrial Innovative Hydraulic Compression Molding Solutions 800-877-9110 • Scan to visit our Compression Molding Applications Showroom! CAMX 2018

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