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45 Optical transmission scanner for NDT General Photonics (Chino, CA, US) is introducing the OTS-1000 optical transmission scanner for nondestructive testing. Using ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS) or near Infrared (NIR) light sources, the OTS-1000 provides fast, 100-micron resolu- tion, quantitative analysis of glass fiber compos- ites. General Photonics says the OTS-1000 is capable of subtle analysis because the detection method relies on optical density of the sample, not the mass density or mass thermal density. The optical density correlates to the chemical structure of the sample, which means that just as a spectroscope can detect different chemicals by their spectral lines, the OTS-1000 can detect different resins and matrix structures by their optical signature. The company also is announcing a series of general purpose applica- tion packages for analysis; with it, users can develop specialized application programs for their own testing needs. At CAMX, the company will scan various composite samples to demon- strate the speed and accuracy of the instrument and to display the output from beta versions of the application programs. Booth L85. Styrene-free, low-VOC resins and adhesives Andara LLC (Sheboygan, WI, US) is featuring its line of styrene-free NOVOC resins for use in coatings, composites and other applications. NOVOC resins contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and are non-flammable and low odor while maintaining superior performance. Andara is introducing three new products at CAMX. NOVOXY 9000 Series is a low-color, UV-resistant epoxy that offers high hardness (Shore D 84), easy application and clarity. It is available in benzyl alcohol-free and nonal-phenol-free versions. NOVOC 600 foam system is a closed- cell, moisture-resistant, rigid, elastomeric foam suitable for use in cores and sandwiches. NOVORTIC 200 adhesive is a side-by-side, two-component, UV-stable, chemical-resistant adhesive with 100% solids and good weather- ability. Booth DD19. Oven curing technologies International Thermal Systems (ITS, Milwaukee, WI, US) is featuring its line of out-of- autoclave curing systems, including a custom-configured oven, integrated multi-port vacuum system and process controller that offers the ability to maintain temperature uniformity at ±5°C. ITS' ovens include multi-part thermocouple and vacuum systems that meet NADCAP, AS9100 and AMS2750E standards. Booth R39. MULTIPLE BENEFITS FROM USING A SINGLE MATERIAL! INQUIRIES@TFPGLOBAL.COM • 1 518 280 8500 WWW.TFPGLOBAL.COM ADVANCED NONWOVENS FOR COMPOSITES FROM TECHNICAL FIBRE PRODUCTS INC. High Quality Surface Finish • EMI Shielding • Adhesive Carrier Resin Flow Media • Electrical Conductivity • Fire Protection Corrosion Resistance • Fracture Toughness Improvement Abrasion Resistance • Galvanic Corrosion Prevention TECHNICAL FIBRE PRODUCTS IS PART OF JAMES CROPPER PLC SOLUTIONS FOR IMPROVED COMPOSITE FRACTURE TOUGHNESS & FIRE PROTECTION 16-18 OCT 2018 BOOTH K57 CAMX 2018

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