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49 High-temperature, easy-to-apply, rebondable adhesive system ATSP Innovations Inc. (Champaign, IL, US) is exhibiting its new line of ultra-high temperature resins (aromatic thermosetting copoly- ester – ATSP) for coatings, composites and stock shapes. Featured is ATSP's Self-Bond adhesive material. Self-Bond reportedly enables rapid bonding (less than 5 minutes), low mess and non-tacky high-temperature adhesion (28 MPa pulloff strength at 25°C, 4 MPa at 340°C). Self-Bond resins can be deployed via electrostatic powder deposition, allowing adhesive deposition rapidly over broad areas. In addition, Self-Bond allows two articles coated with ATSP to covalently bond to each other as solids throughout the entire process via bond exchange reactions. Other features of Self-Bond include touch-safe, non-tacky open time and an entirely solid- state process, meaning it is odor-free with no VOCs. Additionally, Self-Bond resins are rebondable, so long as the resin failure mode is cohesive rather than adhesive. ATSP Innovations also provides NOWE wear solutions for extreme environments. NOWE uses a blend of ATSP polymer with discontinuous carbon fibers and solid lubricants. NOWE bearings and stock shape materials are said to offer good wear properties, low coefficients of friction, working temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 300°C, oxidative stability, low moisture pickup, non-flammability, machinability with low dust production and compatibility with Self-Bond. Booth E80. CT-based metrology software Volume Graphics's VGSTUDIO MAX software performs precise metrology tasks, compares parts with their nominal CAD model and detects discontinui- ties based on CT data. The latest version, VGSTUDIO MAX 3.2, offers new options for tool and geometry corrections and a more mean- ingful assessment of mechanical effects of porosity. It also allows users to predict how much force a part could theoretically withstand, solely based on a CT scan. The software offers analysis, simulation, and visual- ization tools. The software's optional Manufacturing Geometry Correction Module combines the manufacturing, testing, and correction of tools and components into a seamless digital workflow. It is said to be a cost-effective, easy-to-use and versatile method for tool correction, surface reconstruction of a manually reconstructed tool and part correction of 3D printing geometries. The optional cutting-edge Structural Mechanics Simulation Module helps users take the results of a porosity analysis into account in a structural mechanics simulation. Booth L30. WHAT YOU VALUE MOST, WE'LL GET YOU MORE OF. LIGHTER. STRONGER. FASTER. TOUGHER. LOWER-COST. Our braiding technologies can produce complex parts to near-net-shape with dramatic improvement in performance measures that mean the most to you. Learn how at VISIT US AT CAMX 2018 OCT. 16-18: BOOTH J37 Statesville, NC • 1-704-924-3090 CAMX 2018

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