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51 Site selection services Morrow Hill LLC (Dallas, TX, US) is emphasizing its leasing, development and purchase solutions that help clients find suitable property and facilities for manufacturing. Morrow Hill only represents tenants, never landlords, which the company says gives it unbiased access to all available property. Its brokers have experience with properties ranging from distribu- tion and manufacturing facilities to cold storage and data centers. It will negotiate terms, communicate with municipalities and economic development boards, map shipping and supplier hubs, as well as the most efficient trucking routes. Morrow Hill will also assess power requirements, zoning, economic incentives, fleet requirements, rail access, warehouse design, tax and trade benefits and airport and port access. Booth CC21. Composites solutions for automation, preforming Schmidt & Heinzmann is featuring a range of composites equipment and manufac- turing services. For example, it offers a variety of technologies for the cutting, dosing and distribution of brittle, ductile, visco-plastic and natural fibers. According to the company, almost any kind of fibers that are feedable up to 10,000 tex can be cut. Robust, high-quality wide roving cutters for chopping brittle fibers are maintenance- friendly and low-wear, with cutting lengths of 4-50 mm. A newly developed, high-performance fiber cutting system, called FiDoCut, cuts various types of fibers simultaneously in industrial quantities. It can cut most kinds of dry fiber up to 4,800 tex. The company also offers automation services and expertise including automatic rewinding and cutting units for small and big rolls or festooned material; a range of machines for automated cutting, weighing and stacking; preforming solutions; automated solutions for cooling, deburring and cleaning of FRP parts; and bonding with fully automated handling and process control. In composites engineering, the company has experience setting up equipment for SMC or CF-SMC semi-finished material, part production for SMC or CF-SMC parts, defining and producing preforms, and defining bonding processes and production systems. Full composites engineering services include planning of the entire SMC or CF-SMC material production; planning of the production of SMC or CF-SMC parts; governmental approval processes; explosion protection and fire safety expertise; definition of equipment parameters to achieve product targets; definition and simulation of production processes before production; and calculation of cycle time, output and performance. Booth J17. CAMX 2018

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