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NEWS 61 Composites and Virtual Reality created in 2016 to develop digital composites production solu- tions for Industry 4.0. In early 2017, Airbus qualified an InFactory sensor system for inline inspection on MTorres (Torres de Elorz, Navarra, Spain) automated fiber placement (AFP) equipment (see Learn More, p. 62). InFactory Solutions managing director Franz Engel indicated at the time that laser projection was being used to pinpoint the location of defects the sensors detected, but the company's plan was to advance that application from laser projec- tion to AR technology. Heading up InFactory Solutions' AR efforts, Dominik Karl, Technology and Project Leader Visualization-Augmented Reality, reports that many AFP systems currently have no visualization method, and workers must find defects with only their eyes. e company has now advanced its AR visualization technology to demonstrators in a laboratory environ- ment (TRL 4), and they expect to test the tools in factory environments during the coming year. Additionally, in May 2018 the company commercially implemented a non-AR intermediate technology, a mobile display tablet, in an AFP produc- tion setting. e mobile display provides the operator with a visualization of the defect, along with information about the defect type, position and dimensions. "But it does not include visualization at the real part's surface, and it offers limited support of localization and orientation," Karl explains, distinguishing this tech- nology from AR. InFactory Solutions is developing AR technology for two devices: an AR-capable version of a mobile display tablet, as well as AR glasses. As with laser projection and Virtual repair data at the repair site Developmental AR tablet shows tech- nician the actual repair site captured by the tablet's camera, along with information about the nature of the damage as well as repair instructions. Source: InFactory Solutions the non-AR tablet, the AR devices do not conduct inspections or perform data analytics. e company's inline sensors still collect inspection data, which are analyzed via computer algorithms in the server. e server then feeds needed information to the AR device wirelessly. e company houses its AR demonstration tools in its VisinBox AR laboratory and showroom. VisinBox technology currently focuses on two applications: VisinPro for manufacturing J-CORE TM GO BEYOND LIGHTWEIGHT At less than 5lbs/gal, J-CORE 4501 reduces the overall weight of hardtops and provides a strong, reliable bond. Great for smaller part sandwich bonds, too! SEE US @ THE SHOWS! CAMX BOOTH F43 IBEX BOOTH 1047 • 919.598.2400 • 40 Years of Marine Innovation For Hardtops

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