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NEWS 15 Quest for Perpetual Flight Luminati Aerospace (Calverton, NY, US) announced in August that it has conducted an in-flight experi- ment that suggests that the key to perpetual stratospheric solar flight may be automated vortex-seeking formation flight. In a vortex formation, vortices produced by the lead aircraft generate lift for trailing aircraft flying in formation, thereby conserving energy in the trailing planes. By rotating the lead aircraft, the entire formation can achieve an overall reduction in the amount of energy used. This is important because in craft powered by solar energy, nighttime operation of the aircraft is purely battery-powered. Efficient use of battery power, therefore, is paramount. Luminati says that data gener- ated by an experiment with two solar-electric aircraft and multiple data logging devices closely matched the results of high-fidelity, autopilot hardware-in-the-loop, computer simulations. Luminati claims its flights and simulations indicate four aircraft in a diamond formation can fly perpetually at up to 50° latitude. Ultimately, the company hopes to use perpetual flight to provide Internet access to the 4 billion people in the world who are currently without access. Luminati's Substrata solar-elec- tric aircraft is made from Hexcel (Stamford, CT, US) yarns that were spread using proprietary spread- ing technology and then processed into multiaxial nonwoven fabric on highly customized Liba Max 5 and 3 knitting machines. The company next plans to build larger aircraft with the ability to carry heavy commercial communications and ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) payloads. Luminati Aerospace uses vortex formation in quest for perpetual stratospheric flight AEROSPACE W T F yoming est ixtures INC. • Over 40 types of fixtures in stock, ready to be shipped. • Expert consultation with Dr. Adams • Email or call today to discuss your fixture and custom design needs. Three and Four Point Short Beam Fixture ASTM D 790, D 6272, D 7264, D 2344 2960 E. Millcreek Canyon Road Salt Lake City, UT 84109 Phone (801) 484.5055 Fax (801) 484.6008 email: Dr. Donald F. Adams President 50 years of Composite Testing Experience FLEXURE FIXTURES FOR EVERY SPECIMEN SIZE We provide quotes for a variety of grips, fixtures, and jigs. We carry over 40 types of fixtures in stock, available for immediate delivery. Email or call us today. We look forward to hearing from you. Three and Four Point Flexure ASTM D 790, D 6272, D 7264 Long Beam Flexure Fixture w/Alignment Rods and Bearings ASTM C 393, D 7249 Reversed Cycle Flexural Fatigue Miniature Flexure Fixture Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence 1988-2018 Source | Luminati Aerospace

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