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NEWS 17 Ultrasonic Machine Tool Other features of the machine are said to include linear motors for high accuracy and rapid motion, dust extraction technology, high pres- sure cutting fluid delivery systems, on-machine inspection technology, and industry 4.0 capabilities includ- ing wireless in-process monitoring and control technologies, enhanced connectivity and plug-in technologies to interface with the AMRC's data analytics suite. According to AMRC, the advantage of the machine's ultrasonic capabili- ties is that the high-frequency move- ments — 40,000 micro-movements per second — bring a higher degree of control of chip formation and heat within the system. The result, claims the AMRC, is less damage, less waste and a better finish, making the tech- nology well-suited to machining hard, abrasive, brittle material like carbon fiber composites, alloys and ceramic matrix composites (CMCs). According to Kerrigan, "The ultrasonic-assisted machining process is basically the same as a standard rotatory cutting tool operation, but with an added highly tuneable, micro- scale, axial motion of the cutting tool, providing a secondary motion during cutting. The additional movement has the ability to control the amount of energy supplied into the cutting inter- face, affecting the amount of thermal energy and fracture energy associ- ated with the process." The machine is digital-ready, featuring an intelligent, customizable controller that allows the machine to integrate process monitoring techniques, providing data that can measure performance and improve tool life. The DMU 340 G will be installed in late December. Source | DMG MORI

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