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NOVEMBER 2018 28 CompositesWorld FEATURE / Filament Winding FIG. 5 Generative 3D winding Developed to cut weight in assembly robot grippers by 50%, Daimler's robotic and generative 3D wet winding process eliminates molds, waste and carbon fiber as the cost drivers (aluminum winding pins now assume that role). Source | Daimler "e idea is that this manufacturing method and the parts it produces are generative," says Minsch. In generative design, a part's geometry is not predefined, but is instead computer-generated by applying advanced algo- rithms to data derived from the application's requirements and constraints — size envelope, loads, strength, stiffness, impact, deflection, cost, etc. (see Learn More). In short, the requirements of the application dictate the design. Applied to manufacturing, this approach enables the economical produc- tion of highly optimized, small-series products. Typically, the more complex a part is, the more generative design and manufacturing pay off. "e initial idea was to make assembly robot grippers lighter, enabling us to downsize the robots, which saves money, and also extends their reach," Minsch explains. "Our car development department saw what we were doing and wanted to use the same technology to make a body part." ese parts start with a topology-optimized design, he says, "so that we are putting the right material in the right places, which minimizes the amount of material needed and means carbon fiber is in tension." Robotic winder Winding tool (plate) Pre-tensioning & rewinding unit Drum-type resin bath Elevating quality aerospace parts for more than 75 years. General Plastics supplies top-flight custom-molded flexible polyurethane products and rigid foam core materials for aircraft flight decks, interior cabins and more. And because of our abundance of value-added services, we can supply intricate parts fabricated to customers' exact specifications. Here is where high-quality parts and high-quality services soar. Where Great Ideas Take Shape GENERALPLASTICS.COM

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