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NEWS 37 Trucks, Trailers, Composites transit agencies across North America. TPI and Proterra collabo- rated in the design and development of the monocoque bus body, and the companies entered a strategic long-term agreement for TPI to supply the production bodies. With Proterra's purpose built composite platform, Proterra now has more than 90 customers. "Similar to Proterra success, purpose built composite trucks will provide industry-leading efficiency and will raise the performance bar to a new level," Altman believes. Economic and technological advances are needed for signifi- cant increases in composites, especially for structural compo- nents. A business case must be made to the end user, especially to fleet owners, NACFE's Andrew Halonen, president of Mayflower Consulting LLC (Calument, MI, US), notes. "e fleet managers know every last number," he says. "ey have a complete cost understanding of their vehicles." While fuel efficiency during fleet operation is an important factor, so too is resale value. Halonen reports that, today, the optimal time for fleets to resell a truck is 3-5 years. is short window places downward pressure on the return on investment needed for the cost premiums of fuel-effi- ciency measures. "If I'm going to keep this vehicle for 3 years, why would I care that a composite truck body lasts 10 times longer?" Halonen points out. To build an acceptable business case for more composites, Great Dane's Lee cites necessary market changes to include reduced cost of carbon fiber composites and glass fiber compos- ites with higher strength-to-weight ratios for trailer frame and CW contributing writer Karen Mason focused academically on materials science and has been researching and writing about composites technology for more than 25 years. wall applications, as well as higher strength composite sheets and panels. He also suggests a need for more manufacturing-friendly sandwich panel constructions with higher strength-to-weight ratio and more dent- and crush-resistant core materials — all at more economical price points. Repair methods are also a significant concern to truck and trailer makers. ough techniques are well- developed in aerospace composite applications, the tractor-trailer market needs faster and less labor-intensive repair methods to make repairs cost-effective. Ultimately, Navistar's Oppermann says, a major transition in the long-haul truck market to composite materials, will have to wait until the next generation of trucks is created, which for the long-haul industry is in the 2023-2024 timeframe. "To make the business case, we have to do it at the system level. e entire cab has to be designed that way," meaning a purpose-built design from the ground up. In heavy trucks, says Oppermann, "that happens only [once] every 15 years." PRESENTER PRESENTED BY EVENT DESCRIPTION: Conductive nonwoven materials are an interesting classification of textile substrate, possessing a combination of properties that make them highly infusible, flexible, light weight and conductive. is combination of properties allows them to overcome challenges in both application and process that more traditional substrates such as films, foils and paints struggle to achieve. In this webinar, Andrew will introduce TFP's conductive nonwovens, their fundamental micro-structure and key properties such as EMI shielding and electrical conductivity. He will discuss how they impart this functionality to composites and highlight typical commercial applications including resistive/inductive heating, fuel cell substrates and conductive tapes. PARTICIPANTS WILL LEARN: • The structure and manufacture of metalized fiber nonwovens. • The key physical properties and how they are tailored to suit end-use requirements. • How conductive nonwovens are used effectively in a variety of applications. Conductive Nonwoven Materials and Their Applications November 28, 2018 • 2:00 PM ET REGISTER TODAY FOR WEBINAR AT: SHORT.COMPOSITESWORLD.COM/TFP1128 Technical Fibre Products Inc. DR ANDREW AUSTIN Materials Specialist

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