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NOVEMBER 2018 44 CompositesWorld FOCUS ON DESIGN Pushing EVs forward Multifunctional chassis design and novel composites processes enable lighter, longer-range, safer electric vehicles. » Ongoing concerns about the harmful effects of internal combus- tion engine pollution, combined with advancements in battery technology — costs have dropped 50% in the past three years — are accelerating growth in electric vehicles (EVs). According to the International Energy Agency (IEA, Paris, France), the world EV fleet grew 54% to 3.1 million in 2017 and will hit 125 million by 2030. Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that EVs will comprise 55% of all new car sales and 33% of the global fleet by 2040. With almost every automaker planning expanded EV portfolios (Ford recently announced 40 EVs for its global lineup by 2022), Williams Advanced Engineering (Grove, Oxfordshire, UK) unveiled its FW-EVX platform in 2017. Aimed at manufacturers seeking either a next-generation EV platform or simply specific areas of technology improvement, the FW-EVX purely battery EV (BEV) is scalable by adding or subtracting battery modules to its nominal 2800-mm wheelbase. BEVs are growing faster than plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), currently commanding 66% of the global EV market and 16 of Ford's planned models. e FW-EVX pushes a standard format — central, under-floor battery pack with e-motors for front and/or rear axles — to a new level of performance by making the carbon fiber composite-inten- sive chassis multifunctional, integrating battery cooling and crash protection into the lightweight structure. is high level of integra- tion creates a virtuous circle of reduced weight and aerodynamic drag, increased battery capacity and extended range, explains Williams Advanced Engineering technical director Paul McNamara. Performance and pedigree e drivetrain — chassis with 38 battery modules, twin electric motors in rear and one in front, transmission, differential, By Ginger Gardiner / Senior Editor Scalable EV platform Williams Advanced Engineering developed the FW-EVX as a lightweight, compact platform for automakers seeking next- generation technology. Its modular battery design supports multiple model types and wheelbases, while its construction processes can be scaled up for high-volume applications. Source | Williams Advanced Engineering

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