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DECEMBER 2018 22 CompositesWorld WORK IN PROGRESS Carbon fiber takes deployable satellite mechanisms to new heights. High-strain composites for satellite applications » Early in 2018, during CW's visit to Ability Composites (Loveland, CO, US), CEO Frank Roundy held up a rolled-up piece of material that looked like the inside of a tape measure and ƒt in the palm of one's hand. Roundy unfurled the piece, which reached about 25 ft across the room, and explained that it was a deployable satellite boom. ˆe boom is made from a combination of carbon ƒber and glass ƒber in a thermoset matrix and was designed by Roccor (Longmont, CO, US), an aerospace company specializing in high-performance deployable structure systems, with the help of AnalySwift's (West Jordan, UT, US) SwiftComp engineering software for composites simulation. The move to HSCs Roccor began creating deployable mechanisms in 2011. Since then, the company has become a leader in a fundamental shift in the way satellite structures are created. In the past, deployable satellite structures mainly relied on clevis pin joints with springs By Scott Francis / Senior Editor Engineered for small packages The packing factor for HSC deployment systems is 10 times denser than traditional materials, which allows for the integration of payloads that unfurl to lengths of more than 15m. Source | Roccor

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