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NEWS 25 Composites deploy satellites general-purpose multiscale modeling code that enables users to predict stiness, strength and thermal expansion of composite structures." According to AnalySwift, the software can be used either inde- pendently as a tool for virtual testing of composites, or as a plugin to power conventional D •nite element analysis (FEA) codes with high-•delity modeling for composites. Wenbin Yu, chief technology o€cer of AnalySwift, says, "Swift- Comp is a multi- scale constitutive modeling code for uni•ed modeling of composites beams, plates/shells or D structures. It can quickly and easily calculate all the eective properties needed for use in macroscopic structural analysis. It can also predict accurate local stresses and strains in the microstructure for the purpose of predicting strengths." According to Roccor, SwiftComp provides support for both elastic and thermal properties, but while most codes stop at the laminate level, SwiftComp scales to provide eective beam and plate properties generated from complex cross-sections. ‰ese features, along with tight FEA code integration, have allowed Scott Francis, senior editor for CompositesWorld, has worked in publishing and media since 2001. He's edited for numer- ous publications including Writer's Digest, HOW and Popular Woodworking. Roccor to develop computationally e€cient workŠows to solve challenging engineering problems. The other space race ‰e time savings oered by the SwiftComp software, without loss of accuracy, is key, particularly as the number of applications for the kind of high-strain composite structures Roccor is devel- oping continues to grow. Simpler, lower mass satellite systems reduce costs and open access to private entities looking to use the technology, as evidenced by the aggressive launch schedules of companies like SpaceX (Hawthorne, CA, US), which had 15 launches in 2018, and Rocket Lab (Huntington Beach, CA, US), which is aiming for a launch per month in 2019. ‰e commercial space race is on and shows no signs of slowing down, and the smaller satellites get, thanks in no small part to HSCs, it seems the bigger the business of space grows. Learn More: Read this article online | WHAT YOU VALUE MOST, WE'LL GET YOU MORE OF. LIGHTER. STRONGER. FASTER. TOUGHER. LOWER-COST. Our braiding technologies can produce complex parts to near-net-shape with dramatic improvement in performance measures that mean the most to you. Learn how today at 129 Business Park Drive, Statesville, NC 28677 • 1-704-924-3090

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