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NEWS 29 A sta of stakeholders We emerge next into a wide corridor situated on the front side the U-shaped building's base wing. To our left is the facility's front lawn and parking area, and to our right, a glass wall with a view of the main manufacturing •oor. •is corridor hosts monthly company-wide luncheons, where tables and food are brought in and the owners talk about how CR is doing — new customers and work, •nancial status, etc. "•e idea is to engage people," Clauson says, "because if they're engaged, you start to get that discretionary e€ort from people. •ey care more about our products. •ey're happier, and they stay longer." Beyond the open corridor, we reach a climate-controlled hand layup area at the end of the building's far wing. •is area includes as many as a dozen work stations, depending on the work schedule. One important consideration as the company assigns sta€ members to various projects is that both aerospace and non- aerospace components are part of the job mix. "You don't want to burden the non- aerospace parts with aerospace overhead," Clauson mentions, "but you want to make sure the right attention is paid to aero- space parts. We've set up teams to address this." Developmental articles are typically assigned to teams with the most experi- enced workers. Hand layup of industrial production parts is often a good starting point for new sta€ members. Composite Resources has reached a size for which "we've run out of 'friends and family' and must hire new people," Clauson says. "Finding people with experience is di‹cult, but you can train people to do this kind of work." Machinists, on the other hand, must bring some level of experience. •e nearby technical college includes a machine tooling program, which helps feed the pool of quali•ed applicants. Sta‹ng will become an even greater focal point for the Composite Resources, Rock Hill, SC, US Blue block in service Prototyping and short-run components are often served cost-eectively with Huntsman Advanced Materials Renshape. Composite Resources machines this material for the full range of tooling applications — plugs, masters and molds. Source | CW Photo | Karen Mason From CAD to coating Composite Resources has attracted some customers specifically because of the company's vertical integration, starting with engineering and design and finishing with painting and coating operations — all in house. Source | Composite Resources Engineering Services Complex Shapes 5 Axis NC Milling Large Facilities High-Precision Equipment CARBON/EPOXY PARTS 360.856.5143 PRODUCTION TOOLING PARTS WITH CORE

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