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NEWS 37 Composites for space tourism Donna Dawson is CW's (previously) retired senior writer emeritus, now residing and writing in Lindsay, CA, US, in the foothills of the Sierras. for microgravity research." In the near future, Virgin Galactic plans to y suborbital research payloads for NASA as part of its Flight Opportu- nities Program, which strategically invests in the growth of the commercial spaceight market by providing ight opportunities on suborbital platforms and small spacecraft. Spaceships SS- and SS- are now in fabrication and assembly at TSC Mojave, following SS and exploiting lessons learned in its design and manufacture. Looking to the future, Palermo emphasizes TSC's need for engineers in all disciplines — "design engineers, stress analysts, composites specialists and more" — for its fully integrated, design-through-manufacturing-and-testing production cycle. "New engineers go through the same composites training that our new technicians take, so that they have similar exposure as the technicians and they understand the processes they are going to be designing for," he says. TSC is working toward establishing a high-rate production plant for the rocket motors, "because we have one spaceship and soon will have two more," Palermo explains. "So when we have three spaceships in service we'll need to produce these rocket motors at a relatively high rate." ‰e rocket motor case and main oxidizer tank are essentially the fuel cartridges for TSC's mission to space and are the only part of the SS that is not reused every ight. Both WK and SS are fully reusable, Palermo empha- sizes: "Reusability is at the heart of dramatically changing the economics of access to space to enable new markets to develop and enterprises to thrive. WK, as the workhorse of our space- ight system, is fully reusable and can release multiple SSs per week." Fig. 6 NAMING VIRGIN GALACTIC VEHICLES Purpose Type Name of current ship Future ships The MotherShip WhiteKnightTwo (WK2) • Eve • Virgin MotherShip Eve • VMS Eve • In design • Names of future ships to be announced The SpaceShip SpaceShipTwo (SS2) • Unity • Virgin SpaceShip Unity • VSS Unity • In construction • SS2-003 and SS2-004 • Names to be announced PRESENTERS PRESENTED BY EVENT DESCRIPTION: Carbon ber recycling has created a shift in the use of aerospace grade materials for industrial applications. Compounders, injection molders, and 3D lament producers are now able to gain access to a sustainable source of raw material due to technological advances in carbon ber recycling. e uptake of recycled carbon ber has come a long way through the development of patented technology creating new market opportunities. Viewers will come away with a clear understanding of possible applications as well as fabrication methods. PARTICIPANTS WILL LEARN: • Compounding, injection molding, and 3D filament • Properties of recovered fibers • Carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics Strategic Shifts in Recycling Enables Growth for Compounders, Injection Molders, and 3D Filament Producers January 15, 2019 • 2:00 PM ET REGISTER TODAY FOR WEBINAR AT: SHORT.COMPOSITESWORLD.COM/RM115 STEPHEN RAWSON Partner, R&M International VAMSI PATLOLLA PhD of Shocker Composites

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