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DECEMBER 2018 40 CompositesWorld New Products » PREPREG MATERIALS Prepreg for advanced radome systems Park Electrochemical Corp. (Melville, NY, US) has introduced RadarWave, a new family of prepreg materials used to manufacture advanced radome systems for aerospace and defense applications. The prepregs are available with epoxy or cyanate ester resin systems, and are o•ered in E-Glass, quartz fiber or high-performance glass, up to 60 inches wide. The materials are available in thin, lightweight fabrics for flexibility in radome design and layup, and various weave styles are available, says the company. Radomes are structural enclosures that protect RF/microwave and other antennas that transmit and receive electromagnetic signals from air, space, marine and ground-based platforms. Increasingly advanced aerospace and defense electronics systems require radomes that are designed and engineered with radome materials necessary to accommodate the technical performance needs of these systems. According to the company, RadarWave materials exhibit transmissivity properties similar to those of higher cost esoteric materials traditionally used to manufacture advanced radome systems. » RESIN ADDITIVES & MODIFIERS Additive for resistance to fractures and micro-cracking Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) has produced a poly- ethersulfone (PES) micro-powder additive called SumikaExcel 5003P. The additive is said to boost fracture toughness and resistance to micro-cracking for fiber-reinforced epoxy composites over a broad temperature range, without negatively impacting dimensional stability, flame/smoke/toxicity (FST), creep resistance, modulus, impact or yield strength. The functional additive is said to be widely used by the aerospace industry for prepreg and resin- transfer molded carbon fiber- reinforced epoxy, is reportedly gaining ground in epoxy compos- ites for automotive, and could be used for high-performance sporting goods as well. PES is an amber-trans- parent, amorphous engi- neering thermoplastic known for its temperature capabilities, strength and impact resistance, creep resistance at elevated temperatures and loads, dimensional stability, low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) over a broad temperature range, inherent flame retardance, low smoke, minimal outgassing, chemical resistance, and resistance to hot water (to 180°C). It is offered pelletized for injection molding, extrusion and film processes and in powder form for cast films, filtration membranes, and as an epoxy additive for compos- ites, high-temperature paints and coatings and adhesives. » TESTING, MEASUREMENT & INSPECTION SYSTEMS PID temperature control panel BriskHeat (Columbus, OH, US) has introduced a new PID temperature control panel to provide accurate and stable control of temperatures during critical commercial or industrial processes. The BriskHeat high-performance MPC2 Multi-Point Digital PID Temperature Control Panel is configurable for a variety of applications and requirements, features auto-tuning control, and works with a broad range of surface heating products. The control panel is said to enable the control, monitoring and display of temperatures for multiple heating zones simultaneously. It can store up to four programs to repeat temperature control as needed. Temperatures are programmable in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The MPC2 has audible and visual alarms, a door keylock and power-disconnect options for improved safety. Communications ports for RS-485, RS-232 and Ethernet are meant to maximize communication versatility, and 15 voltage options enable compat- ibility in most industrial environments. The MPC2 can also be used to control individual zones requiring up to 60 amps, the company says. The MPC2 has a standard NEMA 1 rating, but the use of hard- wired connections and a NEMA 4X enclosure help the control panel withstand harsher environments and outdoor use. » THERMOSET RESINS & ADHESIVE SYSTEMS Epoxy adhesive for composite substrates Techsil (Warwickshire, UK) has developed a new clear, epoxy adhesive called EP25880 Clear that cures fast and provides a strong, tough and durable bond on carbon fiber composite parts. It is a two-component, multi-purpose epoxy adhesive that is well suited for bonding various substrates including carbon fiber, wood, ceramics and metals. The adhesive reportedly cures to a completely water clear product with a shore hardness of 80D, a shear strength on steel of more than 20 MPa and tensile strength on steel of more than 30 MPa. NEW PRODUCTS

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