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Page 42 of 51 41 » PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE Updates to measurement software Verisurf Software Inc. (Anaheim, CA, US) has announced the release of Verisurf 2018 Update 1, the latest update of its measurement software for automated quality inspection and reporting, scanning and reverse engineering, tool building and assembly guidance. Advanced new features in this update are based on customer feedback, and reportedly deliver increased e ciency and improved quality functions. Auto Align Minimum Zone Fit produces more accurate alignments of parts and features by allowing the centering of alignment errors, which reduces the maximum error result. This new algorithm extends the Verisurf Enhanced Bundle Adjust feature for high-accuracy, large- volume measurements using Leica, FARO and API laser trackers. CSV Database Support simplifies integration with software partner applications for first article inspection (FAI), production part approval process (PPAP) and statistical process control (SPC) such as InspectionXpert and Dimensional Control Systems. The update has other enhancements such as support for Catia V5 R28 file import, 3D model virtual device display for CMM Master 500 and Renishaw Equator 500, plus Software Development Kit (SDK) support for the import of nine different point cloud and mesh file formats, which is said to improve integration with many brands and models of 3D scanners. » METERING MACHINES Second-generation metering machine for HP-RTM Hennecke GmbH (Sankt Augustin, Germany) has announced its new STREAMLINE MK2 metering machine for HP-RTM and CLEARRIM/ clearmelt applications. The second generation of this machine features improved production flexibility due to its space-saving layout and mobile frame, which can be lifted by crane. The STREAMLINE MK2 is equipped with a wireless operator panel, which implements a location-independent operation of all process parameters on the spot. The heating and metering cabins are joined together using quick-locking mechanisms which allow for easy dismantling, ensuring that all main compo- nents such as the high-pressure pumps can be quickly exchanged. PRESENTER PRESENTED BY EVENT DESCRIPTION: Laser-assisted layup technologies have been used by composites fabricators for many years, and the result has been increased layup quality, increased consistency and reduced human labor error. Fabricators, however, are looking for more options and exible solutions for multi-applications to help them increase throughput and quality. Seeing these needs, Virtek has introduced its next generation of laser projection technology. •is webinar will help fabricators understand the importance and value of laser projection, and how Virtek's advancements—the latest High Visibility Laser which provides a brighter, bolder laser line for improved visibility, the new FlashAlign™ feature allows for automatic alignment with the integration of vision technology—the next step in layup e‚ciency, accuracy and safety. PARTICIPANTS WILL LEARN: • How to gain more efficiencies using laser technology from a trusted market leader • How to simplify the manufacturing processes with easy to use software • Ways to ensure employee safety with laser safe technology • How to gain productivity time by over 50% by eliminating tooling, and physical templates. • More about our unique service capabilities – no contracts required Virtual Automation Using Vision-Based Laser Technology December 13, 2018 • 2:00 PM ET REGISTER TODAY FOR WEBINAR AT: SHORT.COMPOSITESWORLD.COM/VIRTEK1213 SEAN FRANCOZ Virtek Group Product Manager NEW PRODUCTS

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