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COLUMNS 4 From the Editor Jeff Sloan says cooperative teamwork got composites where they are, but cooperation among teams is the key to the future. 6 Past, Present and Future Mike Favaloro predicts and advocates for the increased use of thermoplastic composites in flight-control structures. 8 Perspectives & Provocations Dale Brosius describes IACMI's new network of seven research clusters aimed at setting global composites standards. 10 Design & Testing Dr. Dan Adams examines shear testing of thick, high-shear-strength laminates, using the combined loading shear test method. 12 Gardner Business Index Gardner Intelligence chief economist Michael Guckes examines the significance of the numbers compiled for May 2018. » DEPARTMENTS 14 Trends 45 Applications 46 Calendar 47 New Products 50 Marketplace 51 Ad Index 51 Showcase » ON THE COVER Spain's Pajares Tunnels, intended to facili- tate high-speed rail travel between Madrid and Spain's northernmost province, pass beneath extraordinarily wet mountainous terrain. The composite lining that encap- sulates the tunnel passage channels large volumes of concrete-wall water seepage down to canals that direct the water out of the tunnel but also makes a rather striking visual impression. Read about it on p. 52. Source / ACCIONA FOCUS ON DESIGN 52 Composites Perform Water Rescue in High- Speed Transit Tunnel Channeling out the great quantities of water that flow into Spain's Pajares railway tunnels in the Cantabria Mountain range required an award-winning composites innovation. By Karen Mason CompositesWorld (ISSN 2376-5232) is published monthly and copyright © 2018 by Gardner Business Media Inc. 6915 Valley Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45244- 3029. Telephone: (513) 527-8800. Printed in U.S.A. Periodicals postage paid at Cincinnati, OH and additional mailing offices. All rights reserved. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to CompositesWorld Magazine, 6915 MEMBERSHIPS: Valley Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45244-3029. If undeliverable, send Form 3579. CANADA POST: Canada Returns to be sent to IMEX Global Solutions, PO Box 25542, London, ON N6C 6B2 Canada. Publications Mail Agreement #40612608. The information presented in this edition of CompositesWorld is believed to be accurate. In applying recommendations, however, you should exercise care and normal precautions to prevent personal injury and damage to facilities or products. In no case can the authors or the publisher accept responsibility for personal injury or damages which may occur in working with methods and/or materials presented herein, nor can the publisher assume responsibility for the validity of claims or performance of items appearing in editorial presentations or advertisements in this publication. Contact information is provided to enable interested parties to conduct further inquiry into specific products or services. FE ATURES 30 Inside Manufacturing: A Complete Paradigm Shift in Aircraft Construction A new aircraft structure production concept, developed by machinery manufacturer MTorres (Torres de Elorz, Navarra, Spain), aims to bypass incremental development and target disruptive change by eliminating conventional tooling and the use of fasteners during automated fabrication of one-piece, monocoque composite fuselage and wing structures. This radical departure from the manufacturing norm made its debut in 2017 and CW caught up with MTorres principals at the 2018 JEC World conference in Paris to capture this glimpse inside the emerging technology. By Sara Black 36 Drones: Composite UAVs take flight First seen in defense applications, unpiloted aircraft development is surging in the commercial world, enabled by a host of new material, process and assembly technologies. No longer limited to control by humans on the ground, drones also are shaping the destiny of autonomous technology — what it will be and how it can be used. The combination poses possibilities that are nearly limitless, including drones capable of uninterrupted flight for days or even weeks, and capable of providing services as diverse as emergency WiFi access and fire control. By Michael LeGault 30 36 45 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS JULY 2018 / Vol: 4 N o – : 7

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