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TRENDS JULY 2018 26 CompositesWorld The SAMPE 2018 general session featured the announce- ment of the top three papers presented at the conference, and a keynote presented by Carmelo Lo Faro, president, Solvay Composite Materials (Alpharetta, GA, US). The top three papers were: • First place: "Fabrication of Out-of-Autoclave Prepreg with High Through-Thickness Permeability by Polymer Film Dewetting," Sarah G. K. Schechter, Timotei Centea and Steven R. Nutt • Second place: "Warpage of Thin-Gauge Compression- Molded Panels with Discontinuous Long Fiber Carbon/ Polyetheretherketone," Caroline Collins and Pascal Hubert • Third place: "Recycling of Amine/Epoxy Composites Using Chemical Treatment at Atmospheric Pressure," Yijia Ma, Travis J. Williams and Steven R. Nutt For his keynote, Lo Faro surveyed the materials evolu- tion, from copper in 8700 BC, straw/mud bricks in 2500 BC, steel in 1851 AD, aluminum in 1889, titanium in 1950, to the evolution of composites in the 1950s and 1960s, followed by the growth of aerospace technologies (1970-2010) in commercial and defense-related breakthroughs. With that as context, he spoke about three 'eras' of composites: The lightweighting era (1970-1995), the manufacturing era (1995-today) and the next era, which he deemed the industrialization and simulation era. SAMPE 2018 keynote looks to the composites future He pointed out that automation of manufacturing processes has been a significant enabler of composites construction in the commercial aircraft structures arena. Today's infusion technology enhances affordability and results in a viable manufacturing rate, he added, citing Bombardier's (Montreal, QC, Canada) C Series wing, made with high-pot-life resin and non-crimp fabric. He highlighted the CFM LEAP engine fan blade, made using toughened resin and 3D woven preforms; and Moscow, Source | CW

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