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JULY 2018 30 CompositesWorld INSIDE MANUFACTURING ยป Everyone is talking about "one-minute" cycle times as a means to increase composites' acceptance in the automotive industry. But that drive for shorter production cycles through development of more time-efficient materials and processes is no less important in the aerospace world. As aircraft build rates continue to ramp up, the need to control the cost of aerocomposites is critical as well. Toward that end, changes are underway in design, materials and processes. A new aircraft structure production concept, called Torreswing, aims to bypass incremental development and, instead, target disruptive change in fuselage and wing fabrication technology by eliminating conventional tooling and the use of fasteners during automated fabrication of large, one-piece monocoque struc- tures. Developed by machinery manufacturer MTorres (Torres de Elorz, Navarra, Spain), this radical departure from the manufacturing norm made its debut in 2017. It was recognized with a JEC Innovation Award in the category Aerospace Process at the 2018 JEC World exhibition in Paris, and was exemplified by a demonstration fuselage (see the opening photo) on display at the MTorres stand. CW had the opportunity to interview MTorres' Integrated Assembly group's key account manager for the technology, Luis Enrique de la Iglesia y A complete paradigm shift in aircraft construction By Sara Black / Senior Editor With its new Torreswing auto- mated system for mold-free, fastener-free composite fuse- lage and wing construction, MTorres aims to revolutionize aerostructure. Fuselage of the future? MTorres' (Torres de Elorz, Navarra, Spain) aircraft fuselage demon- strator, made without a removable mandrel or fasteners, is shown here with the crew that created it. A detailed, almost entirely automated factory concept for manufacturing the fuselages was released at the 2018 JEC World exhibition. Source (all photos/images) | MTorres

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